Under construction: Cove Civic Centre polished concrete floor

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Under construction: Cove Civic Centre polished concrete floor

The Mirafloor team is hard at work on the city of Marion’s new $13.4 million Hallett Cove library, community and enterprise centre.

Visitors to the Cove Civic Centre will find a spacious foyer where a polished concrete floor, wooden wall panels and a modern reception area are illuminated by natural light. As well as about 35,000 books, magazines and DVDs and a children’s toy library, the facility offers community meeting rooms, business training facilities and high speed internet access.

Marion Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis says the state-ofthe art, 2000 sq m complex will be a focal point for community and business when it opens in 2015. “The centre will be open seven days a week and is expected to attract about 130,000 visitors a year and give 8000 small businesses access to information and training facilities,” Mayor Lewis says.

“The internal designs – like the overall concept for the facility – have been based on the needs of the community following extensive consultation.”

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Now you’ve seen the “before” – stay tuned for photos of the “after” when polishing is complete.