Once an interior concrete floor surface has been beautifully enhanced by polishing, the next step is to maintain the polished floor on an ongoing basis.

Maintenance is relatively simple if done regularly.

Cleaning Recommendations

Sweeping at least twice a week using a dust mop or preferably a micro-fibre mop will go a long way towards preserving the beauty of your polished concrete floor.

Mop the floor with a light (neutral) detergent at least once per week or as required.

If a liquid is spilled on the floor (especially coffee, tea, wine or cola), it is best to clean up the spill as soon as possible with a clean cloth and water so the integrity of the surface is kept intact.

In the case of large commercial or industrial settings, the use of an auto scrubber and/or a buffer (floor maintainer) should be used to save time.

During normal cleaning only white pads with low abrasion should be used on the auto scrubber or buffer.

Diamond impregnated buffing pads of various grits are available in the industry may be recommended for periodical maintenance to quickly restore the shine to floors with minimal work. Please contact Arrunga Surface Solutions for further information.

The use of walk off mats are highly recommended at entrances and can reduce the long tem maintenance required, keeping sand and salts from affecting the gloss level of the floors.

Not Recommended

  • Any type of bleach detergent, as this tends to start breaking down the sealer on the floor.
  • Any acid-based products such as vinegar or ammonia.
  • Any type of abrasive cleaning cloths such as scouring pads or scrubbers.
  • Harsh cleaning detergents on these surfaces as it will diminish the gloss of the surface and may leave unsightly scuff marks because of the abrasive qualities of these detergents. (Detergents must be neutral)

Stains and spills

Penetrating Stains (i.e. – oil, red wine) – these types of products can leave a discoloured or darkened area by attaching to the pores in the concrete. These stains can be minimized by timely clean up but if left on the surface for a period of time can a darkened or discoloured area.

Reactive Stains (i.e. – orange juice, acids) – these types of products can etch the surface if not cleaned up in a timely manner. In the case of harsh acids such a muriatic etching can occur instantly.


We recommend that you have the floor resealed at least every 3-5 years to ensure the continuous virtual maintenance free floor.

In some cases of extreme traffic or when the gloss of the floor has been diminished beyond the restorative powers of the diamond impregnated pads, a quick repolish using resin bond diamonds will restore the floor to it’s original gloss level.


Arrunga Surface Solutions provides a product and labour warranty* of up to 10 years to give you peace of mind that your floor will stand the test of time.

*The product and labour warranty applies when undertaking the company’s maintenance program.

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