Mirafloor™ is an innovative concrete-finishing process from Arrunga Surface Solutions.

Developed over five years and incorporating real-world experience of concrete finishing for homes, businesses, and industry, Mirafloor is a comprehensive concrete-finishing system designed to maximise the aesthetic and functional benefits of polished concrete in any environment.

Arrunga Surface Solutions’s Mirafloor system transforms structural concrete into an attractive, durable, high-performance surface.

Mirafloor is a process, not an off-the-shelf concrete-finishing product. No two installations and no two floors are the same, and in accordance with this philosophy, Arrunga Surface Solutions carefully selects and uses techniques and sealers based on the specific requirements of the installation at hand.

Some of the South Australian landmarks that have received the benefit of Arrunga Surface Solutions’s Mirafloor process are the Stirling Library, the new Goyder Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds complex, Harbour Town Adelaide, and Kilburn’s famous Albion Hotel. The floors of these venues demonstrate the versatility of Mirafloor, ranging from fully-exposed concrete, through a mixture of fully- and lightly-exposed concrete, to slip-resistant surfacing.

Arrunga Surface Solutions is able to employ the Mirafloor process in conjunction with a range of flooring surfaces, including concrete, stone, and terrazzo and other aggregate materials.

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Why Mirafloor?

Mirafloor polished concrete offers you a variety of floor styles and finishes that provide varying degrees of shine, colour, effect and durability. An economical alternative to marble or granite floors, polished concrete opens up an array of design opportunities, from classic to contemporary, rustic to sophisticated.

Polished concrete can be applied indoors and outdoors and will satisfy every possible hard surface application in the building and interior design industries.

Hygienic and low maintenance, polished concrete surfaces can be used in a wide range of settings including kitchens, living rooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, retail space, shopping centres, supermarkets, wineries, warehouses, showrooms, galleries and museums and with terrazzo restoration. With durability and strength many times that of a standard polished concrete floor, Mirafloor can be used both indoors and out and will withstand the toughest traffics. The finished floor is abrasion- and chemical- resistant, non-marking and concrete-dust free.

For stylish, versatile flooring that is durable and easy to maintain choose Mirafloor polished concrete by Arrunga Surface Solutions.