Polished concrete floor at Target department store, McLaren Vale

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Polished concrete floor at Target department store, McLaren Vale


Arrunga Surface Solutions recently completed a polished concrete floor at the new Target department store in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Concrete is integral to a the store’s construction, but expert polishing and preparation has transformed it into an essential element of the visual aesthetic as well. The Arrunga Mirafloor process will give a modern look and feel to the store’s floor – no more boring vinyl tiles!

Maintenance advantages

The maintenance benefits that Mirafloor polished concrete has brought to Target are significant: costly vinyl strip and reseal costs are eliminated as Mirafloor polished concrete needs very little maintenance. By avoiding the use of vinyl floor tiles Target also avoids vinyl removal and reinstallation issues in years to come, issues which would negatively affect trading hours and profitability. An Arrunga Mirafloor surface can be easily resealed with a green-star rated non-toxic sealer and buffed back to a brand-new appearance at night, ready for service the following day.

Environmental advantages

By utilising a Mirafloor surface underfoot Target will also benefit from the concrete floor’s high thermal mass, keeping the store cool in summer and warm in winter. Heating and cooling expenses will be minimised and the store’s overall carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced. By turning the store’s structural material into an attractive visual element Arrunga has also made unnecessary all the chemicals – oil, plastic, glue – that vinyl floor tiles require, as well as the impact of shipping the tiles from China and disposing of packaging waste locally.

“We create a better, more practical floor from what is already there.”

– Arrunga’s concrete guru Dave Shaughnessy

Target McLaren Vale opens this month.